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Johnson & johnson fake non-natural rubber latex suit

Mass. Judge Keeps Alive Latex Suit against Johnson & Johnson

July 27, 2017
A federal judge in Massachusetts has breathed new life into a suit against Johnson & Johnson that alleges that the medical device corporation unfairly claimed market share from a competitor by asserting that its elastic wraps contain no natural rubber latex.

Judge Leo Sorokin ruled that Andover Healthcare, the plaintiff in the case, has sufficiently demonstrated that Johnson & Johnson’s products do indeed contain natural rubber latex, a compound to which some people are severely allergic.

Central to Andover’s case is that J&J made false claims, and thereby engaged in deceitful business practices to the detriment of the economic health of its competitors. Andover had developed the first latex-free elastic wrap, a product that has been successful around the world.

Andover’s suit alleges false advertising, unfair trade practices, and common law unfair competition.

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