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Judge issues 90 day freeze in takata trial to allow company to restructure

Judge Issues 90-Day Freeze on Takata Airbag Lawsuits

August 18, 2017
A judge in Delaware has issued a 90-day freeze on the hundreds of lawsuits pending against Takata, the manufacturer of airbags that have been linked to about a dozen deaths and numerous injuries. The freeze comes so that the company may focus on restructuring itself after declaring bankruptcy in both the U.S. and Japan.

Unaffected by the freeze is a case against Takata in Florida that is already underway.

The stay puts a halt on collection efforts and litigation unless otherwise approved by a bankruptcy court. Takata has asked for, and has received, permission to extend the stay to which it is entitled so that it may extend its protection to other defendants in the case. Takata, however, asked for a 180-day freeze, yet received a freeze of 90 days. The company is entitled to request an extension.

If you’ve been injured by a Takata airbag, or if you believe that your Takata-equipped vehicle may cause you physical harm, you may be entitled to be part of one of the many lawsuits against Takata. Contact to learn how we can help you navigate this complex case.

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