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Jury Told Talcum did not cause woman's cancer

Jury in Talc Trial Hears that Talc Did Not Cause Woman’s Cancer

August 15, 2017
Dr. Juan Felix, former director of pathology at the University of Southern California’s Women’s and Children’s Hospital, testified that talc particles would inflame internal tissue but would not cause cancer, and that Echeverria’s tissue was not inflamed.

Members of the jury have heard several arguments to the contrary, as well, including that of a former Harvard University pathologist who asserted that Echeverria’s decades of using talc products for feminine hygiene had indeed sent talc particle to her ovaries, where they caused inflammation that led to cancer.

Echeverria, along with six other women, filed a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson for marketing its talc products as “safe” and for causing their cases of ovarian cancer.

Of five recent talc trials in St. Louis, Johnson & Johnson lost four, and has been ordered to pay out more than $300 million.

Echeverria’s cancer is terminal, and she testified via video. The trial is scheduled to conclude by mid-August.

If you’ve used talcum powder and/or baby powder for many years, and have contracted ovarian cancer, you may be entitled to file a lawsuit that could net you significant financial compensation. Contact today to learn how we can help you.

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