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Defective Drugs and Devices Lawsuit Settlement Delays

One of facts that the injured victim of a bad drug or defective medical device discovers in a lawsuit against giant corporations is that they can take a long, long time. In the experience of the attorneys at, these types of cases often take five to eight years to fully settle. We are constantly being asked for status updates from clients. This is especially true towards the end of the cases. Many times our update is simply that the case is ‘ongoing’. This often leaves our clients frustrated with the process.

We share this frustration. We wish that justice would be swift and certain. However, the multi billion dollar corporations who have created the bad drug or defective medical device are often prepared to spend a good portion of their wealth fighting the victims of their products. is actively involved in cases involving transvaginal mesh, metal on metal hips and talcum powder cases. We are happy to say that the mesh cases and the metal on metal hip cases are in active settlement negotiations and we expect them to settle soon.

Talcum powder cases will take much longer. Although Johnson and Johnson has been hit with two large verdicts ($55,000,000 and $72,000,000), they are appealing both verdicts. The outcome of the appeal is, of course, uncertain. It is also entirely possible for the parties to settle short of appeal. As well, there are trials between now and the time when the appeals are heard. In 2016, there are currently trials scheduled for July 6 in Missouri, July 13 in New Jersey, September 19 in St. Louis. In 2017 there are trials set for January 4, 2017 in New Jersey and January 9, 2017 in Washington DC. If these all go the way the last two trials have gone, it is possible Johnson and Johnson may change their position.

However, barring a radical change in the approach currently taken by Johnson and Johnson, we expect that Talcum powder cases will take between five and eight years to fully settle. One thing for our clients to remember is that we are very invested in seeing justice done. Besides genuinely caring about our clients, we are working on a contingency basis and fronting all the case costs ourselves.

There are two ways that reduces the time needed to obtain compensation. First, we are very prepared with our cases. This often allows us to participate in the very early rounds of settlement negotiations. Second, we often team up with many of the finest attorneys in the country. These relationships allow us to stay on the cutting edge of this litigation and provide strength in numbers for our clients. Indeed, it is common for the attorneys at to work closely with many other excellent lawyers to settle our client’s claims.

Please don’t allow these delays to deter you from making a claim. If you do that, the corporations win. If you have been injured, or had a loved one die from a bad drug or defective medical device, let help you get justice. We’ll be by your side as long as it takes.

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