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Do I need a local lawyer for my case?

A frequent question asked of is ‘do I need a local lawyer for my case’?

There are really three parts to answering this question.

First, what kind of case is it? Is it personal injury arising from an automobile accident or is it a ‘mass tort’? Although handles both types of cases, and can help with both, it may be more important to have a local lawyer after an automobile accident than pursuing a mass tort claim. So what is a mass tort?

Simply, mass tort claims are brought when consumers are injured on a large scale by defective drugs or defective products. This type of claim lets one attorney or groups of attorneys represent several injured parties in individual cases. So, for example, is actively pursuing claim against the manufacturers of metal on metal hips, talcum powder and IVC filters. These are all ‘mass torts’.

The second thing to consider is the importance of trusting your lawyer. understands the importance of choice of counsel. You may have to choose between a number of qualified lawyers. So how do you make that choice? When it comes to mass torts, we believe that experience is what counts. The attorneys at have almost twenty years of experience in mass torts. Ultimately, however, it may come down to your ‘gut’: do you trust your lawyer?

The third thing to know, and this may be the most important, is that you do not need a local lawyer for a mass tort case. The way mass torts work means that the cases will likely be consolidated in a place far away from you. In fact, in these types of cases, it is common to never even meet your lawyer! Again, it is our opinion that hiring experienced counsel is far more important than having a lawyer who is inexperienced but close to you.

A local lawyer who does not specialize in cases like metal on metal hips, for example, may not have the financial backing or support staff to handle mass tort cases. Managing a complex, multi-plaintiff case (such as talcum powder or metal on metal hip cases) typically requires the assistance of numerous attorneys and support staff.

The best thing to do in our opinion is to call for a free consultation. Feel free to ask questions about our experience.

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