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Mallinckrodt settlement update

Mallinckrodt Pays $35 Million in Opioid Settlement

July 17, 2017
Pharmaceutical giant Mallinckrodt will pay a settlement of $35 million in a deal to make amends for its role in the opioid epidemic that has claimed the lives of some 30,000 Americans.

In settling for $35 million, Mallinckrodt will not formally admit any guilt in its role in the production and distribution of the prescription opioid painkiller oxycodone. Nevertheless, the company has been taken to task by the U.S. government for being too aggressive in its distribution of the potentially addictive medication, and for not taking sufficient steps to prevent the abuse of its pharmaceutical products.

Mallinckrodt had been under investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice for failing to detect and report “suspicious orders” of oxycodone. The company had, according to the government, distributed an “increasingly excessive quantity of oxycodone pulls without notifying DEA [the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration].”

The settlement was reached in courts in New York and Michigan.

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