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Medicare Fraud?

UnitedHealthcare Ordered to Produce Medicare Fraud Documents

June 27, 2017

American Renal Associates (ARA), a healthcare organization that has been accused in court of illicitly profiting by pushing patients eligible for Medicare and Medicaid to commercial health plans, requested that a Florida federal court order UnitedHealthcare to produce within three days numerous documents relevant to the case.

ARA has accused UnitedHealthcare of dragging its feet in producing the documents that it deems necessary to the trial. ARA has made numerous requests for the documents, which the company says it must have in order to defend itself against United’s allegations of fraud. To date, United has provided about 2100 documents over four months, a number deemed unsubstantial by the plaintiffs.

UnitedHealthcare accused ARA of artificially boosting its own stock price by urging Medicare- and Medicaid-eligible patients to sign up for United’s coverage, which reimburses ARA at a higher rate than do those federal health organizations. United further alleges that ARA violated the terms of United’s plans by waiving the patients’ copays, coinsurance and deductible obligations.

The complex trial is ongoing.

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