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Mercedes Agrees To $54 Million Dollar Settlement in Class Action Lawsuit

Mercedes to Spend $54 Million to Repair 270,000 Defective Seat Heaters

August 23, 2017
Mercedes has agreed to the terms of a settlement that will see the company spend an estimated $54 million to repair about 270,000 seat heaters that, a class action suit alleges, can short out and cause fires.

The suit was launched in 2014 by a couple who claim that the automaker concealed the alleged defect from consumers.

The key provision of the settlement is that Mercedes will pay for a “bypass wire repair” for all affected vehicles. The settlement also includes a warranty extension, and $1000 for anyone who has already had to pay for repairs to the seat heaters.

The issue affects 2000-2007 M-class vehicles, 2006-2006 R-class vehicles, and 2007 GL-class vehicles.

Plaintiffs and defendants entered mediation in October 2016 and reached an agreement in principal in January 2017. Final details were completed in July.

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