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reasons to file a metal hip replacement lawsuit

We wish that there was another tool of the law other than money to compensate victims of defective medical devices or drugs. After all, money does not make a person whole or healthy again. Nevertheless, we encourage those with a claim to make one. A failed metal on metal hip replacement, for example, can leave a patient with physical, mental and emotional burdens. Filing a lawsuit may provide some compensation for these injuries and allow patients and their families to move on with their lives as best as they are able.

Look at it this way. It is the duty of the manufacturers of medical devices to design and manufacture and test properly the safety of their devices. They are also accountable for responsibly marketing their products and properly warning the public about any health risks. When they fail in these duties they still make money off of your pain and suffering.

Again, using metal on metal hips as an example, these injuries can be permanent. Some require revision surgery and medical care that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. These costs can include doctor’s visits, tests, medication and hospitalization. Why should you bear the cost of this so these companies can make more money?

Apart from medical bills, coping with these injuries can also carry a high emotional toll. Pain and discomfort resulting from metal on metal hip failure can immobilize patients and interfere with their ability to work and participate in the normal activities of life. This can mean lost income, damaged relationships with spouse and other loved ones. recognizes that any medical procedure, including hip implants, does not come without any risk or possible complications. The difficulty is that we believe that the very idea of metal on metal hips is defective. We also believe that their design is to blame for causing our clients injuries. We refuse to sit back and allow companies to profit off of injuries like metal poisoning, joint failure, severe pain, nausea, infections, bone damage, inflammation or decreased mobility.

We urge everyone who received a metal on metal implant to talk to your doctor. If the hip is in fact faulty you should call us. We are attorneys with experience in hip replacement lawsuits. Many of the manufacturers are already discussing settling these cases. Because every case is different can help you decide if you should file a claim and then either settle it or take it trial.

Above all, please don’t just assume that you alone are responsible to bear the costs associated with a faulty metal on metal hip. Juries across the United States have awarded millions of dollars to victims of these devices. If you have one of these devices and it has injured you, call us to see if we can help.

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