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Mirena UID users ask court to revive the suit against bayer healthcare

Mirena IUD Users Ask Court to Revive Suit against Bayer

August 18, 2017
A group of more than 1200 women has petitioned the Second Circuit Court to revive a lawsuit against Bayer Healthcare over the injuries allegedly caused by the company’s Mirena intrauterine device (IUD).

Counsel for the plaintiffs reported that Bayer employees had admitted that the Mirena devices could “migrate” once implanted, and that that admission constitutes sufficient cause for a summary judgment.

Bayer pushed back, arguing that the medical experts called by the plaintiffs were unqualified.

In 2016, in a Multi-District Litigation (MDL) case about whether the Mirena device could perforate the uteri of women who had had it implanted, a judge granted a summary judgment to Bayer on the grounds that the absence of expert testimony made the plaintiffs’ claims impossible to prove. The plaintiffs’ proposed expert witnesses had been disallowed for being unqualified.

The plaintiffs’ motion to revive the suit is still under consideration.

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