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Monsanto Dicamba suit

Monsanto Sued over Herbicide Safety Concerns

July 24, 2017
A class action suit filed in Arkansas state court alleges that Dicamba, an herbicide manufactured by chemical giants Monsanto and BASF, is defective and has caused harm to crops and to farmers’ bottom lines. The suit alleges that Dicamba has damaged soybean crops and other crops that are not genetically engineered to withstand it, a condition that has forced the state of Arkansas to ban the chemical, which has it turn caused significant harm to farmers.

Central to the suit is the claim that BASF and Monsanto knew that Dicamba was dangerous but misrepresented the product as safe. Arkansas outlawed Dicamba because it had harmed crops, but, by the time it was pulled from shelves, numerous farmers had already planted Dicamba-resistant seed at great cost.

The suit alleges that farmers will now have to content with a greater number of weeds, a fact that will reduce crop yields and profits.

The allegations made in the suit include breach of implied warranties, deceit or misrepresentation, deceptive trade practices, fraud, products liability, and unjust enrichment.

If your health or your livelihood has been negatively impacted by Big Ag’s reliance on dangerous chemicals, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact today to learn how we can help you with your case.

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