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Nissan Defective Brake Suit Verdict

Nissan Ordered to Pay $25 Million in Defective Brake Lawsuit

July 24, 2017
A jury in California has ruled that a Nissan vehicle’s defective brakes were responsible for three deaths in a 2012 traffic accident, and ordered the automaker to pay approximately $25 million to the sole survivor of the crash and the relatives of the deceased.

The jury determined that, though driver Solomon Mathenge had been negligent prior to the accident, the defective brakes on his Nissan-made Infiniti QX56 SUV were 100 percent to blame for the crash, which occurred at an intersection in Hollywood and killed a woman and her two daughters.

The jury further opined that Nissan had been negligent in failing to recall the vehicle.

The trial had consolidated the claims of several parties affected by the crash. Hilario Cruz, the father of the two children who were killed, was awarded $14 million; Araceli Mendez, the sole surviving child of the woman killed in the crash, was awarded $7.4 million; and Mathenge was awarded $3.5 million.

The plaintiffs had sought $231 million.

Nissan has issued a statement hinting that it will appeal the decision.

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