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Nissan Being Sued over defective breaks

Families of Auto Accident Ask for $231 Million

July 20, 2017
In an argument from the families of three people killed in an auto accident, a Los Angeles jury has been asked to rule that Nissan is liable for $231 million in damages. Plaintiffs’ attorneys argue that the crash was caused by the defective brakes in the Nissan vehicle that was involved in the crash.

The suit was filed by Solomon Mathenge, in whose Nissan-made Infiniti three people died in a crash in Hollywood in 2012. Mathenge had been driving, but was cleared of liability after Nissan settled a class action suit that accused the automaker of manufacturing vehicles with dangerously defective brakes that were prone to sudden failure.

Mathenge’s suit alleges that, since Nissan knew about the faulty brakes on its vehicles, the company was maliciously negligent and should be liable for the damages incurred in the crash.

The sum of $231 million was arrived at, the plaintiffs said, because it is equal to the amount of money Nissan made by not recalling the faulty vehicles.

The trial is ongoing in Los Angeles.

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