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Nissan defective sunroof lawsuit to proceed to trial

Nissan Sunroof Lawsuit to Proceed

August 16, 2017
A federal judge in California has indicated that he will allow New York and California drivers who have filed suits against Nissan over the vehicle maker’s allegedly defective sunroofs to continue, noting that he would permit plaintiffs from other states to join the case.

Judge William Orrick said that he would likely deny Nissan’s motion to dismiss the case because the claims that drivers have made have largely been supported by evidence. But Orrick will accede to Nissan’s wish for the case to involve a nationwide settlement.

At issue in the suit are sunroofs in numerous Nissan vehicles that are made of glass that is allegedly prone to sudden breakage. Nissan has refused to repair the sunroofs on the grounds that the vehicles’ warranties do not cover such repairs; plaintiffs have a different opinion.

The case is currently involved in pretrial action in San Francisco.

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