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Olympus settles 4 power morcellator Cases

Olympus Settles Four Surgical-Tool Lawsuits

June 13, 2017
In a Philadelphia court, surgical-tool manufacturer Olympus has reached settlements in four cases concerning its devices for gynecological surgery. The amounts of the settlements – in suits brought by residents of Pennsylvania, Georgia, Mississippi, and South Carolina – were not disclosed.

At issue were the devices called power morcellators manufactured by Olympus and its Gyrus division. Power morcellators permit hysterectomies and other gynecological surgeries to be performed through a small incision, a process that is meant to speed up healing time.

The plaintiffs in the suits alleged that Olympus failed to warn patients and their doctors that the use of power morcellators could actually increase patients’ risks of cancer. Morcellators can play a role in distributing throughout the body cancer cells that doctors may not be aware of. For that very reason, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) urged against their use in 2014.

Johnson & Johnson, for instance, discontinued its power morcellators in 2014; Olympus’s remained on the market.

Central to the cases are the plaintiffs’ allegations that Olympus was fully aware that power morcellators could spread cancerous tissue, and that the pharmaceutical giant had withheld this vital information from patients and their doctors.

In each of the four cases, a woman suffered further cancer complications after surgeries in which power morcellators were used. In one case, the patient died.

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