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An appeals court in New Jersey has revived over 2000 accutane cases

More than 2000 Accutane Cases Revived in N.J. Court

August 1, 2017
A state appeals court in New Jersey has reversed the ruling of a lower court, thereby reviving some 2000 cases against Hoffman-La Roche over the alleged gastrointestinal distress caused by its Accutane acne medication.

The appeals court found that the lower court had improperly considered expert testimony in the earlier trial, an error that entitled the thousands of plaintiffs to have their Multi-District Litigation (MDL) case heard again.

The lower court had barred the testimony of certain experts without, the appeals court ruled, substantial reason for doing so.

At issue in the case is whether Accutane causes Crohn’s disease, a serious, chronic intestinal inflammation. The medical and clinical evidence about this allegation is complex and under some dispute.

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