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Two Johnson & Johnson Pelvic Mesh Devices Withdrawn From Australian Market

Pelvic Mesh devices Withdrawn from market

September 18, 2017
Johnson & Johnson has withdrawn two of its controversial pelvic mesh devices from the Australian market after that country’s Department of Health formally requested that manufacturers of mesh products provide further evidence of their safety.

Johnson & Johnson, which has recently lost several bellwether American cases over the safety of their pelvic mesh devices, spun the story in a different way, however. In a statement at a public hearing in Sydney, the company said that it had “decommercialized” its Gynemesh Prolene and Gynemesh PSXL pelvic mesh devices in Australia because of the costs associated with a mandate to change the instructions for its use.

The company insisted that its pelvic mesh products, which have been linked to a great many serious health problems, are safe and effective. The withdrawal of the products from the Australian market was, according to J&J, not a recall.

The company “decommercialized” two other mesh devices in August 2012.

In July, more than 800 Australian women initiated a class action lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson, in which they allege that the devices have caused injuries, health complications, and sexual problems.

The Australian Senate will conduct a public inquiry into pelvic mesh devices this week, and representatives from Johnson & Johnson and Boston Scientific, another major mesh device maker, ware expected to present evidence.

Senator Derryn Hinch, of Victoria, has referred to the marketing of pelvic mesh devices in Australia as “one of the greatest medical scandals and abuses of mothers in Australia’s history.”

If you have been surgically implanted with a pelvic mesh device – also known as a transvaginal mesh device, or TVM – for the treatment of birth-related prolapse and/or urinary incontinence, you may be entitled to join a lawsuit over this potentially harmful products. The expert attorneys at are standing by to take your case.

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