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Legal Experts Warn that UK Mesh Cases Could be Worse than Thalidomide

October 3, 2017
Professor Carl Heneghan, a University of Oxford specialist in evidence-based medicine, has stated that the United Kingdom’s growing legal and medical troubles over pelvic mesh devices could eventually grow to proportions larger even than those of the Thalidomide scandals of the 1950s and 1960s.

A growing number of women in the UK have filed lawsuits in which they allege that their pelvic mesh devices – also known as transvaginal mesh devices, or TVMs – are defective, and that those defects have caused them great pain and sexual dysfunction, among other problems.

Heneghan remarked that many of the vaginal mesh devices on the British market had not undergone sufficient testing, and that, unlike in the Thalidomide scandal, the injuries suffered by the women filing the lawsuits are largely invisible – and thus less dramatic to an uninformed observer.

He said that, because of the sheer number of women affected by the allegedly defective devices, the vaginal mesh issue would likely become the largest such medical issue of his time.

In most cases, complaints about pelvic mesh devices are rooted in the devices’ polypropylene plastic composition. This lightweight plastic can fray, erode, or “melt into” tissues and organs, causing great pain.

About one in every 15 British women who are implanted with a vaginal mesh device will eventually undergo additional surgery to have the device removed.

TVMs are used mainly to treat stress urinary incontinence, a common post-childbirth complication.

More than 300 British women have filed a lawsuit against Ethicon, the Johnson & Johnson subsidiary that is a major manufacturer of pelvic mesh devices. The suits are currently in process in British courts.

If you’ve suffered pain, sexual dysfunction, or medical complications that you believe have been caused by a transvaginal mesh product, you may want to have an expert attorney on your side. Contact right away. We are waiting to help you win your case.

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