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Johnson & Johnson gave lavish gifts to surgeons

Studies Find Pelvic Mesh Maker Johnson & Johnson Gave Lavish Gifts to Surgeons

August 17, 2017
An Australian study has found that pelvic mesh manufacturer Johnson & Johnson provided luxury incentives to surgeons as part of the company’s efforts to market the controversial devices.

The study found that the surgeons were offered Swiss ski vacations and Lamborghinis in exchange for using Johnson & Johnson pelvic mesh products, also know as transvaginal mesh devices, or TVMs. As well, according to the study, the company tried to woo surgeons by telling them that the devices were so easy to implant that the doctors could perform four such operations “before lunch” and thereby collect $10,000 in a single morning.

In Australia as well as in the U.S. and the United Kingdom, pelvic mesh devices have come under medical and legal scrutiny for the variety of serious health problems that have been associated with them. Australian courts have recently seen a spate of lawsuits against pelvic mesh manufacturers, including Johnson & Johnson, that allege that TVMs are responsible for causing severe pain, infection, organ damage, and permanent disabilities.

Australian case files have revealed that Johnson & Johnson raised internal questions as early as 2009 about the wisdom of rushing the company’s pelvic mesh devices to market, and about the company’s marketing practices.

Johnson & Johnson, along with other manufacturers of mesh devices, have repeatedly insisted that the products are safe, despite a mounting body of legal and medical evidence that they are not. Many recipients of TVMs require costly and painful “revision” surgery to remove problematic mesh devices.

Several lawsuits related to transvaginal mesh devices are currently working their way through the Australian courts.

If you’ve received a pelvic mesh (transvaginal mesh) device, and have experienced as a result pain, infection, or other complications, you may have a chance of receiving significant financial compensation. Contact so we can help you file your lawsuit. The consultation is free.

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