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It’s not unusual for the attorneys at to have to talk to angry people. They might be angry because they were prescribed a defective drug, or they had a defective medical device, such as a metal on metal hip, implanted.  Maybe they watched a loved one die from chemotherapy. Perhaps saddest of all are the people facing insurmountable debt, because they unfortunately got sick. 

These sorts of life events tend to make people angry. They blame the FDA. They even blame attorneys. However, we believe that most people are completely unaware of how the pharmaceutical industry REALLY works. Most people are unaware for instance, that pharmaceutical sales reps are generally hand picked to be attractive and alluring to doctors as a way to generate more sales. It is also common for doctors to be incentivized by these reps to push their drugs on you. 

Have you noticed just how many pharmaceutical drugs are out there? There is a pill for virtually anything you can think of from baldness, and erectile dysfunction, to pain management, and depression. Big Pharma has a pill for whatever ‘ails ya’, and for a lot of things that don’t.  

So, maybe you really don’t need to take some kind of a pill for whatever problem you have, but your doctor will advise you to take it.

If that medication turns out to have unknown side effects like heart attack, stroke, seizures, blindness, thoughts of suicide, blood clots, cancer, or death, who is responsible? How would you feel if your doctor prescribed this drug to you because he was getting paid to do it?  

Wouldn’t that make you angry?

Imagine it gets worse. What if you find out that insurance company, if you are lucky enough to have it, won't cover your medical costs to treat these side effects because of some loophole, and you are on the hook to pay the medical bill yourself? believes that big Pharm is all about profits. They work with insurance companies. They work with doctors. They work with the FDA. They spend billions of dollars lobbying in Washington to influence laws and policies that will benefit them in order to increase their profits.  Most people don’t know that big Pharma generates millions of dollars per day and for each drug or device they bring to market.

How would you feel if you learned that Big Pharma has a special fund set aside specifically for the lawsuits they project to come? These companies have have been accused in the past of targeting the poor, the uneducated, and minorities (such as talcum powder) as human human guinea pigs for their drugs and devices. They are known to fast track right through the clinical trials in order to quickly bring their product to market and start generating all those profits. They helped to create the current system of medicine for profit. 

Do you think they have your best interests in mind over their profits? When you visit your doctor, do you think they view you as a patient or a customer?  

It’s a sad reality in America today that if we get sick we all potentially become a guinea pig for big Pharma.  

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