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Plantiff Suprised by talcum powder cancer diagnosis

Plaintiff Surprised by Talc Cancer Diagnosis

August 11, 2017
Eva Echeverria, the lead plaintiff in a closely watched trial concerning the potentially carcinogenic nature of Johnson & Johnson’s talc-containing products, testified that, because she had never seen a warning label on Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder or Shower to Shower products, she was surprised to have been diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer.

Echeverria, who in January was given six months to live, testified via video. She stated that she used Johnson’s Baby Powder as a feminine hygiene product for more than five decades, and would never have done so had she known it had the potential to cause ovarian cancer. Echeverria even continued to use the product after her 2007 cancer diagnosis because nothing suggested that the product and her cancer were in any way linked. She only ceased the use of the product after learning of the alleged talc-cancer in 2016.

Echeverria testified that she suffers from pain in her liver and kidneys, sleeplessness, extreme fatigue, nausea, and headaches.

Of the five recent trials in Missouri over the alleged links between talcum powder products and ovarian cancer, Johnson & Johnson lost four, and has been ordered to pay out more than $300 million.

The company maintains that its talc products are safe.

If you’ve been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and have been using talcum powder and/or baby powder on a regular basis for an extended time, you may be entitled to significant financial consideration. Contact immediately. We can help.

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