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Product recall list for the week of may 22-28, 2017

In the week leading up to the recent Memorial Day holiday, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPCS) recalled numerous consumer products – including several that could make summertime significantly less fun and safe for many Americans.

During the last week of May, the CPCS issued:

• a recall on cordless electric lawnmowers
• a recall on a home electrical meter
• a recall on an office chair
• recalls on two kinds of lamps
• a recall on outdoor furniture
• a recall on a Fourth of July-themed children’s toy
• a recall on a motorized ride-on children’s toy.

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Recalled: Kobalt & Greenworks 40-volt dual-blade lawnmowers

tv station logosRecalled Cordless Electric Mowers

FIRE HAZARD. The circuit board has faulty wiring, and can catch on fire.

What to do :Stop using the mower immediately. Remove battery.

Contact: Hongkong Sun Rise Trading for a free repair.

How to contact: Call 888-266-7096 Go to and click on “Important Safety Notice”

Manufacturer: Hongkong Sun Rise Trading

Models affected Kobalt 40-volt max cordless dual-blade push lawnmower
Model #: KM2040X-06 Item #: 506586
Greenworks G-MAX 40-volt twin force cordless push lawnmower
Model #: 25302 Item #: n/a

Recall Number: 17-168

Recalled: ExTech Digital Clamp Meters

tv station logosRecalled Extech Digital Clamp Meters

Reason: ELECTROCUTION HAZARD. The meter can fail to give an accurate voltage reading, leading the operator to believe power is off even when power is on.

What to do: Stop using the meter immediately. Remove battery. Contact Extech for a free repair.

How to contact: Call 855-239-8324 Go to and click on “Safety Notices”

Manufacturer: ExTech

Models Affected: EX650, EX655, MA160, MA61, MA63.

Serial Numbers: R15XXXXXXX to R17XXXXXXX

Recall Number: 17-167

Recalled: Leggett & Platt office chair

tv station logosRecalled Leggett Platt Office Chairs

Reason: INJURY HAZARD. Bolts and nuts can disconnect, causing the seat to detach from the chair, thus posing a fall hazard.

What to do: Stop using the chair immediately. Contact Leggett & Platt for a free repair. How to contact: Call 844-516-3615 Go to and click on “Product Recall”

Manufacturer: Leggett & Platt

Models Affected: Numerous makes & models under five brands:

Make Model(s): Hon, Nucleus, Hugg, Jaguar, Lido, Verona, Tigre, Leon, Opus, Regis,
JSI/Jasper Seating Protocol Proxy, Stimatic, Beta2, Via Seating, Proform, Brisbane, Genie, Rivia Act II

Recall Number: 17-158

Recalled: Williams Sonoma Rejuvenation Wall Sconce

tv station logosRecalled Wall Sconces

Reason: SHOCK HAZARD. The lamp’s arm joint can cut the electrical wire, causing it to fray and posing an electrical hazard.

What to do: Unplug the lamp and stop using it immediately. Contact Williams Sonoma for repair or replacement.

How to contact: Call 855-347-2143 Go to and click on “Safety Recalls”

Manufacturer: Rejuvenation, Inc. (a division of Williams Sonoma)

Models affected: Rejuvenation Cypress and Imbrie articulated wall sconces

Recall Number: 17-747

Recalled: Pier 1 Imports Temani Wicker furniture

tv station logosPier 1 Imports Temani Wicker Furniture Recall

Reason: LEAD HAZARD. The paint used on the furniture contains levels of lead that exceed federal standards, posing a health risk.

What to do: Stop using the mower immediately. Contact Pier 1 Imports for a refund or store credit.

How to contact: Call 855-513-5140 Go to and click on “Product Notes & Recalls”

Manufacturer: PT Gimex Furniture Manufacturing, Inc.

Models affected: All the affected items are in the “Temani” line: Chair (model 2769765) Settee (model 2860548) Ottoman (model 2769778)

Recall Number: 17-164

Recalled: Sportex Rock Salt Lamps

tv station logosSalt Rock Lamp Recalls

Reason: SHOCK AND FIRE HAZARD. Electrical components of the lamp can overheat and ignite, posing shock and fire hazards.

What to do: Unplug lamp and stop using it immediately. Contact Sportex for a refund or replacement.

How to contact: Call 800-652-3490 Go to and click on “Salt Rock Lamps”

Importer: Sportex US

Models affected: Three Lumière brand lamps: Rock of Gibraltar Carnival of Lights Basket of Rocks

Recall Number: 17-163

Recalled: Hobby Lobby Easter and July 4th light-up spinner toys

tv station logosJuly 4th Light Up Spinner Toys

Reason: CHOKING HAZARD. The battery cover can detach, exposing small batteries that pose choking and ingestion hazards.

What to do: Take toys away from children and stop using them immediately. Return items to a Hobby Lobby store for a full refund.

How to contact: Call 800-326-7931

Importer: Hobby Lobby Stories, Inc.

Models affected: “Easter bunny” and “July 4th” light-up spinners

Recall Number: 17-166

Recalled: Dynacraft ride-on toy vehicles

tv station logosDynacraft Ride On Toys Recalls

Reason: INJURY HAZARD. The vehicles’ accelerator pedals can stick, posing fall and crash hazards.

What to do: Take toys away from children and stop using immediately. Contact Dynacraft for a free replacement foot pedal and installation instructions, or contact service center for a free repair.

How to contact: Call 800-551-0032 Go to and click on “Product Recalls”

Importer: Dynacraft BSC, Inc.

Models affected: Surge 12V, Camo 4x4, Surge 12V XL, Quad Tonka 12V, Mighty Dump Truck

Recall Number: 17-162

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