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Roundup Added To Cancer Causing subtances

California Officially Adds Roundup to List of Cancer-Causing Substances

June 28, 2017
A state court in California has blocked a lawsuit by agrichemical company Monsanto, thereby clearing the way for the state to add the company’s flagship herbicide, Roundup, to its list of known carcinogenic substances.

The compound in Roundup that can cause cancer is the product’s active ingredient, glyphosate.

The California Office of Environmental Health announced in 2015 that it would include glyphosate on its list of carcinogenic chemicals. Monsanto sued in 2016, arguing that the state had acted unconstitutionally in so listing the chemical, and that its right to free speech had been threatened if California required warning labels on its products containing glyphosate.

State Superior Court Judge Kristi Culver Kapetan dismissed Monsanto’s objections, allowing the state to add glyphosate and Roundup to its list of carcinogenic compounds.

For years, Monsanto had touted Roundup as being “safer than table salt,” a claim that has been disproven by clinical trial after clinical trial. Once Roundup took over as the leading herbicide in the country, Monsanto made further profit by selling “Roundup-ready” seed crops such as alfalfa, corn, cotton, and soybean. Such crops are resistant to being sprayed with Roundup.

The attorneys at applaud this decision for placing human health above corporate profits.

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