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Some GM ignition-switch claims to be reconsidered by new york judge

Some GM Ignition Switch Claims to Be Reconsidered

August 11, 2017
A federal judge in New York has stated that he may have used “too broad a brush” in dismissing all claims against General Motors concerning the company’s allegedly defective ignition switches. Judge Jesse Furman has said that he will reconsider claims that had been brought against the company by people who had purchased GM vehicles but sold them before the ignition-switch recalls were issued.

Furman had tossed such claims because, he ruled, the plaintiffs in the Multi-District Litigation (MDL) case couldn’t have lost money on the sale of their vehicles because the defect had not yet been discovered. But he said that such cases deserve another look.

Several of the drivers filed a motion in which they stated that they had informed prospective buyers of their vehicles of the vehicles’ ignition-switch problems, which had lowered the resale value that they were able to obtain. Judge Furman said that laws governing such cases vary by state.

The MDL case, into which new life has just been breathed, is proceeding in New York court.

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