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Stryker ABG II hip replacements

If you’ve had hip replacement surgery, you probably know something about the complications that have arisen with many hip replacement devices. The key phrase here is “metal-on-metal.”

“Metal-on-metal” means that two metal components of these hip replacement devices rub up against each other, an action that can and often does release tiny particles of potentially toxic metals into the bloodstream.

Needless to say, having toxic metals in your bloodstream poses potentially serious health risks. Thousands of people who have had hip replacement surgery are now suffering from chronic pain, severe inflammation and infection, and, in the worst cases, blindness – all of which can be traced back to the blood-borne metal particles that originate from hip replacement devices.

If you’ve had hip replacement surgery, you probably did your homework about the various types of devices. You might have known about the serious problems with metal-on-metal devices, so you talked to your doctor about alternatives.

On the surface – and we mean that literally – the Stryker ABG II hip replacement device looks like it might be a good alternative to the potentially hazardous metal-on-metal devices. Why? Because, superficially, it looks like the parts that rub up against each other in this device are plastic and ceramic, not metal.

Unfortunately for those who have had the Stryker ABG II surgically implanted, the device’s plastic and ceramic components don’t prevent metal parts from rubbing against metal parts.

So even the seemingly safer Stryker ABG II is just another dangerous metal-on-metal hip replacement device. It’s no less risky than any of the dozens of other hip replacement devices that have caused so many medical problems for so many people.

The metals that can flake off of the Stryker ABG II are cobalt and chromium, which are safe only in the tiniest, tiniest quantities. The particles that the ABG II can release into the bloodstream may be small, but they contain far more of these potentially toxic metals than is considered safe.

That’s why some people who have received the Stryker ABG II have suffered from a condition called metallosis, a potentially serious health problem. Others have developed lumps under their skin. These lumps are the body’s way of isolating the toxic metals that have been released into the blood.

Toxic metals in the blood can cause

• blindness • hyperthyroidism • cardiomyopathy • deafness • cognitive impairment

You thought you were getting a fully functioning hip. What you really got, in our opinion, is a timebomb waiting to go off inside your body.

If you’ve had a Stryker ABG II hip replacement device surgically implanted, you may be at risk for any number of serious health conditions, and you should see your doctor immediately.

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