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Stryker Accolade

You have to give the Stryker corporation points for trying.

The high sheriffs of Stryker probably had some idea that using metal-on-metal construction in hip replacement devices posed significant health hazards. Metal-on-metal abrasion can create tiny particles of potentially toxic metals that can travel freely through the bloodstream.

Metal-on-metal hip replacement devices are lawsuits waiting to happen.

In designing the Accolade hip replacement device, the decision-makers at Stryker developed and employed a proprietary titanium alloy that was supposed to reduce the likelihood of fine metal particulates being released into the blood.

It didn’t work.

Like so many other hip replacement devices, the Stryker Accolade can release tiny fragments of metal into the bloodstream. The release of potentially toxic metals into the blood has been associated with a number of significant health risks, including:

• bone damage • metal poisoning • infection • metallosis • necrosis (tissue death)

Furthermore, these and other conditions that have been associated with metal-on-metal hip implants can cause all manner of life-altering complications, including but not limited to:

• additional surgeries (“revision surgeries”) • medical expenses • loss of income • pain, suffering, and mental anguish • diminished quality of life

And you thought that the Stryker Accolade would improve your life.

It is the opinion of the attorneys at TheLawFirm.com that the Stryker corporation deserve no accolades whatsoever for developing, marketing, and selling the Accolade. We can’t think of a product that has done less to earn such a name.

Stryker voluntarily recalled the Accolade hip device in 2009. The official reason was that the device did not adhere to company specifications concerning “tensile bond strength and crystallinity.”

We believe that Stryker recalled the Accolade to avoid the lawsuits that they knew were coming.

We believe that, if your health and your life have been negatively impacted by the Stryker Accolade, your best option may be to file a lawsuit against the company.

That’s where TheLawFirm.com comes in. We have been handling hip replacement cases for years, and we know what we’re doing.

With TheLawFirm.com on your side, you will have a team of top legal experts working on your behalf. We know all the ins and outs of hip replacement lawsuits, and we will work tirelessly until justice has been served.

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