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Stryker V40 Femoral Head

Even if you’ve had hip replacement surgery, you may not be aware of the make or model of the device that your surgeons implanted. And why would you? You don’t know the make or model of the fillings in your teeth. You probably don’t know the make and model of your eyeglasses, and you use those every day.

We usually don’t need to know the makes and models of devices like our eyeglasses. If they’re doing their job, we barely notice them. And that’s how it should be.

Unfortunately, a different kind of logic governs the thinking about hip replacement devices. Even if you don’t know which kind of hip replacement you have, you may still be at risk.

Nearly all hip replacement devices pose some kind of health risk.

In the case of the Stryker V40 Femoral Head, you’re even less likely to know whether or not you have it. The Stryker V40 Femoral Head is a component of a hip-replacement device, not an entire device unto itself. The V40 is a metal piece that replaces the ball joint at the top of the femur, and it’s designed to work with other Stryker hip devices, such as the Accolade.

Even though it’s only a part of a device, the Stryker V40 Femoral Head poses health hazards of its own.

Like so many other artificial hip devices, the V40 is made of a metal alloy that contains two potentially toxic metals: chromium and cobalt.

When the V40 Femoral Head rotates in the “cup” of the Stryker Accolade (or other Stryker hip devices), that metal alloy can become shredded and corroded. When that happens, microscopic pieces of poisonous metals can travel through the bloodstream.

If enough of those toxic metals build up in your system, they can cause a wide range of serious health problems, which include but are not limited to

• bone and tissue damage • swelling, infection and inflammation • necrosis (tissue death) • pseudotumors

As well, the Stryker V40 Femoral Head has been linked to a toxic condition called metallosis, which can have severe neurological and behavior effects, such as

• dizziness • headaches • gastrointestinal problems • nervous system disorders • emotional disturbance

It’s no surprise that Australia’s federal health authority has issued a formal warning about the Stryker V40 Femoral Head. Unfortunately, the U.S. government has been slower to take action about these potentially dangerous devices.

The attorneys at believe that Stryker was negligent in designing such products as the V40 Femoral Head. Further, we believe that the company knew that its products could cause severe health problems but marketed and released the device anyway.

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