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Study Links Xarelto to Nearly 22,000 Injuries and 3000 deaths in 2016

Study Links Xarelto to Nearly 22,000 Injuries in 2016

August 11, 2017
The Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP), a nonprofit organization that studies drugs and their effects, has published the results of a study that finds that blood-thinning drugs such as Janssen Pharmaceuticals’ Xarelto were linked in 2016 to nearly 22,000 serious injuries, including more than 3000 deaths.

Xarelto has been linked with numerous cases of serious gastrointestinal bleeding and brain hemorrhaging. The ISMP report categorized the risks associated with the drug as “unacceptably high.”

Janssen is a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson.

The ISMP study considered numerous blood-thinning medications, but none was associated with more injuries and/or deaths than Xarelto: 15,043 such events, or just more than 68 percent. The study also found that more than six percent of people who take anticoagulants such as Xarelto will find themselves in the emergency room within a year, and that that rate doubles if the drugs are taken for 10 years.

No antidote exists for the severe bleeding that is linked to Xarelto. One antidote was developed in 2016 - five years after Xarelto reached the marketplace – but the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) did not approve that medication.

Xarelto is at the center of numerous in-process lawsuits that are part of a large Multi-District Litigation (MDL) case in Louisiana; other suits are pending. Central to the claims is the allegation that Xarelto causes uncontrolled bleeding.

If you take or have taken Xarelto, and have experienced severe bleeding or other serious health issues as a result, you may be entitled to significant financial compensation. Contact the expert attorneys at to learn how we can help you with your case.

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