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Subaru class action lawsuit for defective windshields

Subaru Hit with Class Action Suit over Faulty Windshields

June 13, 2017
Major auto manufacturer Subaru has been slapped with a consumer fraud class action suit over allegedly defective windshields.

The suit, filed in California, alleges that Subaru knowingly sold consumers vehicles with windshields that were prone to spontaneous shattering. The suit further alleges that Subaru has denied valid warranty claims for the windshields in an attempt to avoid paying for the replacements and damages.

The suit contends that the defect affects thousands of cars of various Subaru models.

A cracked, broken, or fully shattered windshield poses obvious safety risks that are not limited to injuries from broken glass and vehicular crashes that result from the windshields malfunctioning.

If you think that Big Auto has concealed information or misrepresented their products, contact the expert attorneys at We can help.

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