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Johnson & Johnson’s Talcum Powder trial Update

Judge Rules on Participation of Expert Witness in Talc Trial

July 17, 2017
A federal judge in Los Angeles has ruled that defendant Johnson & Johnson cannot prevent an expert witness from testifying on behalf of a plaintiff in a closely watched trail about the links between the company’s talc-based products and ovarian cancer.

Judge Maren Nelson ruled that gynecologist Annie Yessaian may testify on behalf of Eva Echeverria, so long as Dr. Yessaian confirms that her opinions on the links between talc and ovarian cancer has remained unchanged since a recent court proceeding. Judge Nelson had previously prevented another plaintiff’s witness, Harvard epidemiologist Daniel Cramer, from testifying on behalf of Echeverria because he admitted that his opinion was based on studies that used an unreliable methodology.

Legal experts are watching Echeverria’s trial closely, as it is a bellwether trial that stands to establish a legal precedent in cases concerning the potential cancer risks of products that Johnson & Johnson has long promoted as “safe” and “harmless.”

Echeverria is dying of ovarian cancer, and has been given several months to live. For this reason, her trial is the first is an upcoming series of talc trials to be heard. Five other suits are pending.

Echeverria’s trial in California follows five talc-cancer trials in Missouri. Johnson & Johnson won one of those trials but lost the other four, and was ordered by the courts to pay settlements of more than $300 million.

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