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Talcum Powder Caused Mesothelioma Lawsuit News

Talcum Powder Causing Mesothelioma Trial Update

November 14, 2017
The Plaintiff alleging that asbestos in Johnson and Johnson’s talcum products gave her mesothelioma has asked for $24 million. The attorney for Johnson & Johnson responded that the Plaintiff relied on a changing story and biased experts to make her case.

The Plaintiffs lawyer told the jury that her mesothelioma would likely claim her life in the next six to eight months. He argued that her illness was the responsibility of Johnson and Johnson, because there were “so many documents” that showed the company was aware of testing showing there was asbestos in its talc mines but did nothing.

The attorney argued that mesothelioma was cutting the plaintiff’s life short by an estimated 23 years, and asked the jury to award her $1 million in noneconomic damages for each of those years. He also argued for between $784,557 and $1.196 million in damages for medical bills and lost earnings.

The plaintiffs filed suit in January against a host of companies, claiming they were responsible for asbestos that caused the mesothelioma. The case headed to trial earlier this month with claims against Johnson and Johnson and Imerys, a talcum powder supplier.

The lawyer for Johnson and Johnson showed the jury a form the plaintiff had filled out during a doctor’s visit in 2016, before she filed suit, in which she said she had used talcum powder for only six to eight years, in her childhood.

He also said that the plaintiff didn’t have the “hallmarks” of asbestos exposure, such as specific scarring in the lung tissue or asbestos fibers in her lung tissue itself, and that the actual likely cause of her illness was radiation treatment she received in the late 1990s to treat breast cancer.

This trial is the latest in a series of lawsuits alleging that Johnson and Johnson’s talcum powder causes harm — not through any alleged asbestos link, but rather because the powder allegedly causes ovarian cancer when repeatedly applied to a woman’s genital area. Johnson and Johnson lost several trials, although some of those verdicts have already been overturned by trial and appellate courts.

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