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More Talcum Powder Lawsuit Concerns

Talcum Powder Lawsuit Alleges Link To Mesothelioma

October 30, 2017
Concerns over the use of talcum powder continue to mount. In California, a jury has heard that a woman’s prolonged use of talcum powder caused her to develop mesothelioma. The jury heard from an occupational medicine expert that her opinion linking talcum powder use and mesothelioma was backed by her medical experience and testing showing asbestos in Johnson & Johnson’s products.

Trials regarding talcum powder continue despite Johnson & Johnson winning a recent appeal and post verdict motion. Recently, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Maren E. Nelson tossed the $417 million verdict after ruling that the Plaintiff’s expert witnesses failed to provide sufficient evidence that her ovarian cancer was more likely than not caused by Johnson & Johnson’s talc.

This latest trial involves an allegation linking talcum powder to asbestos and resulting mesothelioma. Generally talcum powder has been thought to be free of asbestos for the last few decades. In fact, the previous trials have been in regards to the alleged link between regular and prolonged use of talcum powder and ovarian cancer.

The expert was vigorously cross examined regarding her conclusion that the use of talcum powder caused mesothelioma. The defense argues that the radiation therapy received by the Plaintiff caused her illness. will report on the jury’s verdict at the conclusion of the trial.

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