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Talcum Powder Lawsuits

The hidden dangers of baby powder

If you thought baby powder was harmless, think again.

Baby powder is supposed to be safe and gentle – that’s why so many of us followed the examples of our grandparents and parents by using it to treat our babies’ diaper rash.

But talcum powder is anything but safe. In fact, it’s been linked to several types of cancer.

If you inhale its tiny particles, you – or your baby – could develop lung cancer. That’s why doctors now caution against using it to treat diaper rash. (Topical creams containing talc are OK.)

If you use it for feminine hygiene, especially over a period of years, you could develop ovarian cancer. Numerous clinical studies have demonstrated this link.

If you are:

• a woman
• a regular user of talcum powder or baby powder
• suffering from ovarian cancer

you may be entitled to significant financial compensation. To find out how, contact the expert talcum powder attorneys of

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How could baby powder cause cancer?

For years, pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson has marketed its talcum-powder products as gentle, safe, and trustworthy. But, as lawsuit after lawsuit has proven, Johnson & Johnson was well aware of the risks of prolonged exposure to talcum powder – they just didn’t tell you.

Talcum powder is a pulverized mineral called talc that has been used for thousands of years to absorb bodily moisture. The ancient Babylonians didn’t know about the links between talcum powder and cancer. But modern medicine does. So did Johnson & Johnson.

When talcum powder is used for feminine hygiene, tiny talc particles can enter the vagina and travel to the ovaries. Prolonged use of talc products in this manner has been associated with the inflammation of ovarian tissue and tumor formation. The American Cancer Society has found that some scientists believe that the prolonged used of talcum products can cause ovarian cancer.

Some talcum powder may even contain asbestos.

But you’d never know about these dangers from the “safe”-sounding names of such aggressively marketed products as

• Johnson’s Baby Powder
• Shower to Shower
• Baby Magic Baby Powder

If you are or were a regular user of talcum powder for feminine hygiene, the first thing you should do is consult your doctor. The next thing you should do is contact for my information about possible qualification for a Talcum Powder Lawsuit.

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Why would a company lie about its products’ health risks?

One word: profit.

Your health doesn’t matter to Big Pharma. Large pharmaceutical companies like Johnson & Johnson are only interested in the bottom line. Numerous court cases and clinical trials suggest that the company was aware of the health risks surrounding the prolonged exposure to talc-based products. But they never mentioned it, because that might have cut into their profits.

Now, due in part to the negligence of Johnson & Johnson, ovarian cancer has claimed the lives of countless women.

More American women die from ovarian cancer than from any kind of cancer. In 66% of ovarian cancer cases, a diagnosis is not made until the cancer is at an advanced stage.

The risk of developing ovarian cancer is low – about 1.5%. But, as the attorneys at believe, that percentage can increase with prolonged use of talcum powder in the genital region.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the possible signs of ovarian cancer include but are not limited to:

• unusual vaginal bleeding or discharge
• abdominal or pelvic pain
• back pain
• bloating
• feeling full soon after eating
• a change or disruption in regular bathroom habits (such as constipation, diarrhea, or frequent urination)

If you have any of these symptoms, especially in combination, or if you think you might have ovarian cancer, the first thing you should do is consult your doctor. All cancers are more treatable when detected early. The lawyers at are not doctors, but we do advocate for your health.

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More than 1000 talcum powder lawsuits have already been filed in the U.S.

There are currently more than 1000 cases filed in the United States against Johnson & Johnson for concealing the known dangers associated with their talc-based products. Several cases are pending in Canada, as well.

Even in the face of several defeats in court and thousands of pending complaints, Johnson & Johnson continues to state that “the talc in our baby powder has a long history of safe and gentle use.”

The attorneys at respectfully disagree with Johnson & Johnson. We believe that the number of lawsuits against this pharmaceutical giant will continue to grow as more women learn about the dangers of the prolonged use of talc-based hygiene products.

Lawsuit after lawsuit alleges that Johnson & Johnson is liable for the “negligent development, testing, design, manufacturing, licensing, distribution, marketing and sale of Johnson’s Baby Powder,” as well as for failing to recall that same product.

The expert attorneys at believe that every woman is entitled to know about the health risks associated with everyday hygiene products.

If you think that prolonged use of talcum powder products may have caused ovarian cancer in you or a loved one, contact the attorneys of

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