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Taxotere | Cancer Drugs | Hair loss from taxotere

One of the drugs that the attorneys at are investigating is the cancer drug Taxotere.

To be honest, we were incredibly skeptical when we heard about this. We heard that it is a drug used to treat cancer victims and it can cause permanent hair loss.

Our initial thought was that if it saved a life who could complain? Hair loss seems like a silly thing to sue over if you are alive because of the drug.

However, as we investigated a little more, we learned additional facts that now suggest our initial reaction was not correct.

• The first thing to know is that cancer is not an automatic death sentence.
• Yes, it is incredibly scary. But the mortality rate of many cancers, if caught early, is actually quite low.
• For example, the 5-year relative survival rate for women with stage 0 or stage I breast cancer is close to 100%. For women with stage II breast cancer, the 5-year relative survival rate is about 93%. Other cancers are equally survivable.

Therefore, the premise that you need a particular drug just to stay alive is wrong.

That is where our initial reaction started to unravel. What we discovered was that an equally effective drug was available that did not cause permanent hair loss.

What makes this ugly is that the manufacturer of Taxotere did not warn anyone.

This is particularly harmful to women. If a man goes bald, it is not necessarily a big deal. But if you are a 35 year old woman who has stage I breast cancer and take Taxotere and then go bald for life (and long after your cancer is gone) that IS a big deal.

What makes it worse is that in Europe and Canada the manufacturer started warning patients about the possibility of permanent hair loss. So why not in the United States? Why not at least give women the choice?

That is often the complaint from Talcum powder is another perfect example. Even if the possibility is small, why doesn’t Johnson and Johnson at least tell women that there is some chance that using talcum powder can cause ovarian cancer? Allow them to choose to use it.

That is what it boils down to Taxotere. It is great to make drugs that help cancer victims. But when your drug has permanent side effects that will linger long after the cancer is gone, at least give people the opportunity to make an informed choice.

As always, feel free to contact if you have injured in an accident, by a defective medical device or a bad drug.

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