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Monsanto Class Action Lawsuit Update

Toxic Herbicide Suit against Monsanto Moves Forward

August 22, 2017
A federal judge in Missouri trimmed two of 11 class action claims in a suit against chemical and seed giant Monsanto concerning an allegedly dangerous herbicide, thereby allowing the remaining nine suits to proceed.

The suits allege that Monsanto inappropriately encouraged farmers to use the powerful and drift-prone herbicide dicamba on their soybean and cotton crops, and thereby is responsible for the decimation of thousands of acres of crops surrounding those on which the herbicide had been applied.

Plaintiffs allege that Monsanto had recommended that the farmers use an older version of dicamba on Monsanto’s Xtend brand of soybean and cotton seeds, and that that version of the herbicide was dangerous to the surrounding crops.

The judge also permitted to move forward the plaintiffs’ complaints of fraudulent concealment: that Monsanto knew about the risks of dicamba but deliberately neglected to reveal them.

Monsanto’s overall agricultural business model is to develop, in tandem, herbicides and seeds that are resistant to those herbicides. When applied as directed, the herbicides are supposed to take out all plants that are not genetically engineered to be resistant to that specific chemical.

Dicamba is unusually prone to drifting.

If you believe that Big Ag has, through its manipulations of seed and herbicide formulations, compromised the health of your crops, your land, and/or your profits, you may have a case. Contact so we can help you go to battle with Big Ag. The consultation is free.

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