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Transvaginal mesh failure

If you are a woman who has experienced a medical complication after the Transvaginal Implantation of a surgical mesh device (also known as TVM, TOT or "Bladder Sling")... Please read on, this information applies to you.

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The FDA has issued a safety communication "To Inform You That Serious Complications Associated with Surgical Mesh Are Not Rare", furthermore, the FDA's review shows that "Transvaginal Surgical Repairs with mesh do not improve symptomatic results or quality of life over traditional non-mesh repair."

Serious Medical Complications Associated with the Placement of Transvaginal Surgical Mesh Include (But are not limited to):

• Ongoing Chronic Infections • Extreme pain with intercourse and/or urination • Emergency surgury or hospitalization required to treat a damaged nurve or organ • Secondary operations or surgical procedure required to trim or remove mesh material (The condition of Exposed Mesh Material is sometimes referred to by medical providers as erosion, extrusion or protrusion.) • Overgrowth or scar tissue or other complicating factors have made the option of removal dangerous or impossible.

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The Transvaginal Mesh Team’s transvaginal mesh (TVM) litigation team is made up of a diverse group of talented  legal professionals with literally decades of experience representing individuals that have had their lives disrupted, and in many cases devastated, by unsafe pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices. Many of these products have been mass marketed by large medical device and pharmaceutical corporations that were pushing their products despite knowing that the products have a high risk of failure and potential to cause serious medical complications.

Our experience over the years has been that many large pharmaceutical corporations have a history of acting negligently and fraudulently in the pursuit of financial gain, marketing products that threaten the quality of life for thousands of consumers.’s TVM team offers free consultations to review the specific details in your medical history with you. We will inform you of the legal actions that may be available to take against the manufacturer of the mesh products involved in causing harm to you or your loved one.’s TVM team is dedicated to representing injured people in both the State and Federal courts and has already successfully represented many hundreds of victims of defective drugs and devices.

Previous drug and medical device cases handled by the members of our team include:

Albuterol, Baycol, Fen Phen, Premarin, Prempro, Propulsid, Rezulin, Vioxx, Depuy, Stryker & Zimmer hip devices, Medtronic, & Guidant Heart Defibrillators, Medtronic Heart Defibrillator Lead Wire claims

You have a deadline to bring your claim before you lose all of your legal rights.

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