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Trucking Accident Lawsuit

Judge Rules that Insurer Must Cover Trucking Company in Crash Lawsuit

July 17, 2017
A federal judge in Missouri has ruled that a trucking company’s insurance company is obligated to defend its client in a suit filed by a woman whose husband died while driving a truck on duty. Judge E. Richard Webber’s central point was that the insurer may not rescind its bodily injury coverage simply because the driver was an independent contractor and not a full-time employee.

The ruling effectively extends similar liability coverage to other drivers working as contractors for Kailey Truck Line, which hauls vegetables from California to New York, and household items from the East Coast to California.

Spirit Commercial Auto Risk Retention Group is the insurer in the case.

Drier Gurpreet Kailey died in a 2014 crash that occurred when he was on the job. At issue in the lawsuit is whether the Kailey Truck Line was negligent in hiring Vikram Shah, the driver who caused the crash. Shah also worked for Kailey Truck Line. The lawsuit also includes claims for negligent entrustment and negligence that resulted in Gurpreet Kailey’s death.

The suit is pending in Missouri federal court, and has significant implications for the trucking industry.

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