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Uber Driver Service, accidents & lawsuits

Uber the bully

The rideshare company Uber has been in the news a lot lately – usually for reasons that reflect unfavorably on the company.

Uber has riled up state and local regulatory agencies around the country, rankled its drivers by denying them fair wages and benefits, and even been embroiled in at least one sexual harassment suit.

Uber has been behaving like a bully. But all bullies eventually get their comeuppance.

If you’ve been in an accident involving an Uber vehicle, you may be in a position to take down this bully of the American roads.

What is Uber, anyway?

Uber calls itself a “transportation networking company,” but it’s usually referred to as a “rideshare” or “ride-hailing” company. In a nutshell, its business model is that of a crowdsourced taxi company.

Anyone with the Uber smartphone app can submit a ride request. The app then connects with Uber drivers in the area, who are usually regular folks who make a little extra money by acting as part-time taxi drivers. Uber accepts payment by credit or debit card only.

Uber services are available in scores of countries and hundreds of cities worldwide. The company offers several “tiers” of service.

• Black car: Uber’s standard service, which allows up to four passengers to ride together.
• UberX: A low-cost option for up to four passengers.
• Uber XL: A low-cost option for up to six passengers.
• UberSUV: A higher-cost option for up to six passengers.
• UberLUX: A luxury option, with room for up to four passengers.
• UberTaxi: A partnership between Uber and local taxi companies.

Who drives for Uber?

Though most of the people who drive for Uber are regular folks, the company won’t accept “just anyone” as a driver.

Uber requires that all drivers:
• be over the age of 21
• drive a model-year 2005 car or newer
• possess a personal license and registration
• pass a background check.
As far as Uber is concerned, the people who drive for it are independent contractors – which means that Uber does not have to provide them with benefits, even if the drivers are on the road for 40 or more hours per week.

Many of the lawsuits that have been filed against Uber have been filed by drivers who feel they’ve received unfair treatment from the company. Numerous drivers and former drivers have filed suits against Uber over unpaid overtime, workers’ compensation, and wage law violations. Many of these suits are still working their way through the court system.

Uber Insurance

Uber requires all of its drivers to be insured, but the type of insurance can vary, depending on the locality and the service that the driver provides.

Generally speaking, each Uber vehicle is insured at the following levels:

• $1 million in liability coverage per incident
• $1 million in uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury coverage per incident
• Contingent comprehensive and collision coverage
• Up to $50,000 bodily injury coverage per incident/individual, with a total of $100,000 per accident and up to $25,000 for property damage.
• In some states, no-fault coverage may be provided.

In other words, Uber drivers are certain to be well-insured. For all of the company’s other missteps, it is aware that insufficiently insuring its drivers would be a major error.

Uber accident lawsuits

Because Uber drivers are well-insured, you have a good chance of obtaining financial compensation if you are involved in an accident with an Uber vehicle.

In general, there are two kinds of Uber accident lawsuits: those in which you are a passenger in an Uber vehicle that is involved in an accident, and those in which you are a driver, passenger, or pedestrian who is struck by an Uber vehicle.

If you were in an Uber car that crashed, we can help you.

If you were in another car – or were simply walking down the street – when you were struck by an Uber car, we can help you.

In many Uber accident cases, the crashes are caused by distracted driving. Often, this is because Uber drivers must necessarily refer to their smartphones while driving. Uber drivers are constantly looking at their smartphone screens, so their eyes aren’t always on the road.

But Uber accidents can also be caused by just about anything that can cause any other car accident: road conditions, weather conditions, other drivers, obstacles, and so on. But because you put your trust in Uber to deliver you safely to your destination, you take on a risk when you get in an Uber vehicle. The compensation you may receive for your Uber accident may reflect that risk.

Uber drivers have been involved in personal injury lawsuits as well as wrongful death lawsuits. The attorneys at TheLawFirm.com are experts in both of these branches of law.

How TheLawFirm.com can help

Uber has tried to carve out a space for itself in a “gray area”: it claims it’s not a cab company, even though it offers taxi services. And Uber claims that those who drive for it are not employees but independent contractors, even though they sometimes work more than 40 hours.

Uber has tried to weasel its way out of lawsuit after lawsuit. But in cases in which an Uber vehicle has been involved in a serious motor vehicle accident, we feel that there’s no wiggle room at all. If you’re involved in an Uber-related crash, we can help you receive compensation from Uber.

After an Uber accident, you may suffer from injuries, lost wages, and pain and suffering of various kinds. We believe that those circumstances entitle you to financial compensation, and we want to help you obtain it.

If you’ve been in an Uber accident and it was not your fault, you owe it to yourself to contact TheLawFirm.com right away. You don’t pay us a cent unless and until we win your case for you.

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