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Vaginal and Transvaginal Mesh Surgeries Inquiry wanted

British Doctors Urge Formal Inquiry into Vaginal Mesh Surgeries

July 19, 2017
Drawing parallels with the thalidomide cases of the 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s, a group of British doctors have urged that the government conduct a formal public inquiry into the complications arising from vaginal or transvaginal mesh surgical procedures.

The doctors’ panel made the recommendation based on the recent spate of cases filed in the UK against the manufacturers of transvaginal mesh (TVM) devices. Numerous women have stepped forward in recent months to assert that the devices have caused pain, suffering, and a disruption of sexual function.

Vaginal mesh devices are small patches of woven polypropylene fabric that are commonly used to treat urinary incontinence and organ prolapse. In most cases, the devices are unproblematic, but, in a significant number of TVM surgeries, the women in whom they have been implanted suffer from debilitating pain.

The panel stated that the hospital readmission rate of urinary incontinence patients was an unacceptably high 8.9%, mostly due to faulty mesh devices.

Numerous women who had had TVM devices surgically implanted testified before Parliament about the severe pain they had experienced due to the malfunctioning of the devices.

The plastic fibers of TVM devices can poke into internal organs and “melt into” internal tissue.

Johnson & Johnson, one of the largest makers of vaginal mesh devices, has lost several recent trials concerning the products. A major trial against J & J began recently in Australia.

If you’ve been surgically implanted with a transvaginal mesh device, and you have experienced pain at or near the site of the operation, you may be entitled to significant financial compensation. Contact TheLawFirm.com right away to learn how we can help you.

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Ethically Challenged Ethicon

No company has done less to earn the name “Ethicon” than Ethicon. We’re willing to wager that Ethicon is one of the most unethical pharmaceutical companies around – and that’s saying something.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) knew that Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon Physiomesh was an inferior, dangerous product. That’s why the agency strongly encouraged Ethicon to recall the Physiomesh in 2016.

Even though Ethicon did recall the Physiomesh, the company won’t admit it. Johnson & Johnson calls the recall a “voluntary withdrawal.”

The attorneys at TheLawFirm.com call that “a load of hogwash.”

The problems with the Ethicon Physiomesh can be traced back to the problems with its design. In fact, the things that make the Ethicon Physiomesh stand out in a medical marketplace crowded with hernia mesh products are not its benefits, but its flaws.

All hernia mesh devices are made of polypropylene, a strong, lightweight plastic with a million and one uses. But polypropylene, even when sterilized, has been shown in countless clinical trials to decay when implanted in the human body. When it decays, it can cause infection. It can even cause severe bleeding and trauma in internal organs.

Nevertheless, the manufacturers of the Ethicon Physiomesh decided to compromise its quality by using an especially lightweight polypropylene.

So Johnson & Johnson made an unsafe product even less safe. Not only is it more prone to decaying, but the Physiomesh can easily rip. The sole purpose of a hernia mesh is to keep internal tissues in place. A ripped hernia mesh is utterly useless. More than that, it’s dangerous.

Kind of makes you wonder why any doctor or surgeon would recommend the use of the Ethicon Physiomesh.

And that’s why it’s important to remember that your doctors are as much as victim of Johnson & Johnson’s greed as you are. Your doctors and surgeons were on the receiving end of countless sales pitches – both high-pressure and subtle – from Johnson & Johnson. Whether they knew it or not, they were coerced by Johnson & Johnson to recommend the Physiomesh.

And now you’re paying the price.

Which is exactly why it’s time to even out the balance sheet. The time to take legal action against Johnson & Johnson is now. And the expert lawyers at TheLawFirm.com are the ones you want by your side.

We specialize in cases about the Ethicon Physiomesh. We know how to try them, and we know how to win them.

If you’ve experienced health problems as a result of the surgical implantation of the Ethicon Physiomesh, you may be entitled to significant financial compensation. Contact TheLawFirm.com to learn how we can help you.

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