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Vaginal mesh devices, problems and awareness

Too little Action Vaginal mesh cases

September 17, 2017

Dr. Wael Agur, a medical expert who has advised the governments of the United Kingdom and Scotland on various medical matters, has stated that the nation of Wales has not taken the actions required to protect its citizens from the dangers posed by vaginal mesh devices.

Government health agencies in Scotland and England no longer recommend that women receive vaginal mesh devices (also known as pelvic mesh devices) because the devices have been implicated in a wide range of serious health problems. The national health agency of Wales, however, still permits the use of vaginal mesh devices.

Dr. Agur stated that he found the Welsh government’s attitude toward vaginal mesh devices, or Transvaginal Mesh (TVM), surprising, since, he said, it was Welsh gynecologists and urogynecologists who conducted one of the most thorough studies into the health effects of vaginal mesh products.

TVM devices are chiefly used as a surgical solution for women who suffer from incontinence, and/or to treat the prolapse of such organs as the vagina, uterus, and bladder, which may become stressed and distended from childbirth. Vaginal mesh acts as a sling to hold organs and tissue in place.

Most vagina mesh devices are made of a lightweight plastic called polypropylene, which has been shown in numerous studies to fray, shred, and “melt into” tissue, thereby causing severe pain, reproductive complications, and sexual dysfunction. Around the world, numerous vaginal mesh devices have been the subject of lawsuits and recalls.

Dr. Frank Atherton, Wales’s chief medical officer, has not issued any specific guidelines or recommendations concerning the devices, but has suggested that his agency will take “a different route” than Scotland and England to provide for the health of its citizens. Dr. Wales suggested that mesh devices may be used safely, but women throughout the United Kingdom have voiced their disagreement.

If you’ve had a vaginal mesh device surgically implanted, and have experienced as a result any pain, suffering, and/or related health problems, you may be entitled to file a lawsuit or to join an existing lawsuit. Contact the expert attorneys at so we can help you with your case.

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