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Veteran sues VA for $11 million

Veteran Sues VA for $11 Million over Botched Hip Replacement Surgery

July 31, 2017
A Florida veteran has sued a VA hospital in Miami for $11 million over an allegedly botched hip replacement surgery that has left him with a disfigurement that caused him pain.

Rafael Tejeda alleges that surgeons at the Bruce W. Carter Veterans Affairs Medical Center performed a hip replacement surgery that left him with two legs of substantially different lengths. The error, Tejeda alleges, is painful, requires him to walk with crutches, and has cost him his job as a waiter. The complaint states that Tejeda’s ability to walk has been “severely limited.”

The plaintiff alleges that his surgeons failed to properly measure his legs, failed to properly cut and adjust the hip replacement device, and inserted the prosthesis incorrectly. The result, he alleges, is a condition called Trendelenburg gait, which is associated with muscle damage and back pain.

The case is ongoing in a Florida court.

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