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Lawsuits filed against volkswagen and its premature tire wear

Two Suits Filed against Volkswagen over Tire Wear

August 16, 2017
Two class action suits filed against automaker Volkswagen – one in Florida, one in New Jersey – allege that the company failed to inform consumers that a defect in its Model CC cars had the effect of making the vehicles’ tires wear down prematurely.

The complaints in the suits focus on the suspension system in the Model CC cars, which are alleged to be unbalanced in such a way as to create “tire cupping,” a condition in which tire treads wear down unevenly and rapidly.

Both suits allege that Volkswagen knew about the defect but concealed information about it from consumers. Further, the suits claim, the defect poses a serious safety hazard. They cited a study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that found that car crashes caused by tires are far more likely when tires are worn.

The suits allege that Volkswagen’s failure to address this issue has put more than 50,000 drivers across the country at risk.

Volkswagen did not issue a statement about the suits.

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