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Wright Conserve Hip Replacements

In the opinion of the attorneys at, the Wright Conserve hip replacement device has one of the most inaccurate names of all time.

Conserve  \kən-sûrv′\ (n) : to protect from loss or harm; to preserve

The folks in the marketing department at Wright Medical Group, Inc., surely thought they were evoking safety and security when came up with the name “Conserve.” How wrong they turned out to be.

For far too many people, the Wright Conserve hip replacement device has done exactly the opposite of what its name implies it will do. Rather than protecting people from further harm, the Wright Conserve has proven to be medically unsafe, and can actually leave hip replacement patients in worse shape than when they started.

What’s so unsafe about the Wright Conserve? Simply put, the components of the device that undergo the greatest movement and stress are made from potentially toxic metals. Whenever you walk, sit, or move your hip in any way, those pieces rub up against each other. That rubbing creates friction, which can dislodge from the pieces tiny fragments of metal that can then enter the bloodstream.

The release of toxic metals into the bloodstream can hardly be called “conservation.”

When released into the bloodstream, those poisonous metals can cause a condition known as metallosis, or metal poisoning. The effects of metallosis can be severe, and even fatal.

The presence of metallosis may be indicated by nothing more than soreness, redness, or fever. Soon, other, more serious symptoms – like nausea and severe pain – can present themselves. In the worst cases, the buildup of toxic metals in the bloodstream can kill.

So, again, “Conserve” is a wildly inaccurate name. Then again, so is “Wright.” In our opinion, the Wright Conserve is much more wrong than it is right.

If you’ve had a hip replacement surgery, you may be carrying around inside your body a Wright Conserve hip replacement devices – and you may not even know it.

If you’ve experienced any discomfort, swelling, or soreness that you think may be related to your hip replacement surgery, consult your doctor immediately.

After you’ve spoken to your doctor, it’s time to get some smart, dedicated attorneys on your side. That’s where comes in.

We have many years’ experience handling the lawsuits surrounded hip replacement devices. We know all the ins and outs of these lawsuits.

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