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Wright Dynasty Hip replacements

In November 2016, Wright Medical Technology – a major manufacturer of hip replacement devices – agreed to pay out $240 million to settle nearly 1300 formal lawsuits concerning its Conserve, Lineage, and Dynasty models.

That’s nearly a quarter of a billion dollars. The average settlement amounted to more than $185,000.

That staggering payout covered most of the outstanding claims against Wright Medical Technology for its dangerously defective hip replacement devices.

But it didn’t cover all of the claims. And there’s no statute of limitations on filing a lawsuit against a company for making potentially harmful devices.

If you’ve received a Wright Dynasty hip replacement device, you may be entitled to significant financial compensation. The expert attorneys at are standing by to help you.

The problem with the Wright Dynasty hip replacement is that it is made partly from potentially toxic metals. Having potentially toxic materials inside your body is a dangerous thing.

To make matters worse, the metal components of the Wright Dynasty are constantly rubbing up against one another. When this happens, tiny fragments of those toxic metals get released into the bloodstream, and can then travel throughout the body to cause all kinds of harm.

Toxic metals can cause a condition called metallosis, or metal poisoning, which can cause debilitating pain, infection, blindness, and, in the very worst cases, death.

It is the opinion of the attorneys at that the Wright Dynasty hip replacement device is dangerous, and that anyone who has received one in a surgical procedure is entitled to significant compensation.

The $240 million that Wright Medical Technology was ordered to pay was intended to cover the cost of so-called “revision surgery” – that is, having additional surgery to remove the dangerous device that was implanted in the first surgery.

As is obvious from the $185,000 average price tag, revision surgery is expensive. It is also needless, disruptive, and not without risk. No surgical procedure is without risk.

If you have a metal-on-metal hip replacement device, you may be eligible for a similar settlement. And you owe it to yourself, your health, and your loved ones to address this potential danger right away.

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