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Wright Medical Adds $90 Million to Defective Hip Device Settlement

October 6, 2017
Wright Medical, the Amsterdam-based medical device manufacturer of numerous hip replacement devices alleged to be dangerously defective, has agreed to add a maximum of $89.8 million to the settlement fund from which it plans to settle claims that the hip devices’ metal-on-metal construction has led to serious medical complications.

The funds will be added to Wright’s existing $240 million settlement fund in several chunks, or tranches, over the next several months. The first tranche, of $7.9 million, will be used to settle 49 further claims against the devices. The second tranche, of $5.1 million, will be used to settle 39 further claims. The third and largest tranche, of $76.75 million, will be used to fund any remaining claims and any new claims made about the allegedly defective devices.

According to the company, it currently has about 629 pending claims and 710 eligible claims concerning its hip replacement devices.

The metal-on-metal construction of most hip replacement devices has been linked to their large-scale failure. When metal parts grind against other metal parts, tiny fragments of metal can be released into the bloodstream, where those fragments can travel all around to body to cause inflammation, infection, pain, and organ damage. The most serious consequence of this toxic condition, which is called metallosis, is death.

If you’ve had hip replacement surgery, and have experienced pain, inflammation, and/or other conditions related to your device’s metal-on-metal construction, you may be entitled to financial compensation. To learn more about filing a hip replacement lawsuit, contact the expert attorneys at The consultation is free.

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