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Guardrail Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Families Sue Guardrail Companies for Wrongful Death

July 2, 2107
The families of three people who were killed in a highway accident have filed wrongful death suits against the manufacturers of the allegedly defective guardrails that failed to prevent their relatives’ deaths.

The families of Lauren Beuttel, Wilbert Byrd, and Jacob Davison – all of whom died in a highway accident in 2016 in Tennessee – have filed the suit against Cumberland Guardrail, Lindsay Corporation and Valmont Industries, the manufacturers and installers of the X-Lite guardrail system. The suits allege that, rather than absorbing the impact of the fatal crash, the X-Lite guardrails pierced the cars and contributed to the deaths of Beuttel, Byrd, and Davison.

Lindsay Corporation and Valmont Industries manufactured the guardrail that was involved in the accident, which took place on Interstate 40 in Tennessee’s Cumberland County; Cumberland Guardrail installed the device. The suit names all three companies.

In the accident, the suit alleges, more than 60 feet of the guardrail passed through the car in just seconds.

The suit is not the first in Tennessee court to allege that the X-Lite guardrail poses hazards. The X-Lite has been linked to at least seven deaths nationwide. The product lines highways in at least 20 states and Puerto Rico.

If you have been injured – or if a loved one has been injured or killed – in an accident involved a potentially defective guardrail or other automotive safety device, the attorneys at Adams Fietz may be able to help you obtain financial compensation. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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