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Recalls of Defective Medical Devices

Artificial Knee Maker Zimmer Urges Judge to Toss Suits

August 7. 2017
Zimmer, a prominent maker of knee replacement devices and other artificial joints, has urged a federal judge in Illinois to toss 95 lawsuits pending against it concerning the alleged defects in the company’s knee implants.

Zimmer’s strategy in this case was to discredit the testimony of the experts enlisted by the plaintiffs to speak about the knee devices’ alleged tendency to loosen under normal conditions. Company attorneys enlisted an unusual legal strategy involving a technique called the “Lone Pine order,” under which, Zimmer asserts, patients must lay out their evidence before proceeding with litigation.

Plaintiffs’ attorneys countered that Zimmer is merely stalling and angling for a “do-over.”

The central claim of the Multi-District Litigation (MDL) case is that the “high flex” components in Zimmer’s knee devices are the source of great pain and stress, and that they often precipitate revision surgery.

Zimmer has won the first three bellwether cases in the MDL, but hundreds of suits are still pending.

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