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ENCORE® Metal HIP REPLACEMENT Problems and lawsuits

Encore Metal Hip Replacement Problems

The Encore Hip Replacement is a metal-on-metal device, which means that both the ball and the socket of the artificial hip joint are constructed of metal. When you move your leg, the ball rotates in the socket. Metal rubs against metal, and that creates friction. That friction, in turn, releases tiny fragments of metal into your bloodstream.

Those metal fragments may be tiny, but they’re also toxic. When they build up in the blood, tissue, and organs, they can cause major health complications.

• pain and inflammation
• infection
• joint dislocation
• difficulty moving or walking
• necrosis (tissue death)
• osteolysis (bone deterioration)
• metallosis (metal poisoning)

Many of these conditions can only be alleviated or eliminated by additional surgery, sometimes called “revision surgery.” And no surgery is without risks.

All of these problems are caused by friction – and by the defective design of the Encore Hip Replacement.

The attorneys at believe that the Encore Hip Replacement device is dangerous and defective.

We also believe that if you have an Encore Hip Replacement, you may be entitled to significant financial compensation.

What’s wrong with the Encore Hip Replacement?

The key defect with the Encore Hip Replacement is that it employs metal-on-metal construction. Most of the health problems that are linked to this device stem from the fact that metal-on-metal construction creates friction, which releases tiny, toxic particles of metal into the bloodstream.

Chromium and cobalt are absolutely not on the FDA’s list of recommended nutrients. These are toxic compounds that were used in the manufacture of the Encore Hip Replacement.

When this hip implant was first approved in 2013, Encore used the so-called 501(k) FDA approval process. This process permits new devices – so long as they are substantially similar to existing devices – to enter the marketplace without requiring current and complete safety studies.

Effectively, the Encore was rammed through the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval process.

But the Encore device was, in fact, not substantially similar to existing devices. The Encore Hip Replacement makes fuller use of metal-on-metal construction than did previous models. This is a fundamental difference, and it is the major factor in causing the serious medical problems to which the Encore has been linked.

The FDA appears to regret its error, as it has issued a safety warning about the harmful effects of metal particles in the bloodstream. In addition to the health problems listed above, the fragments of toxic metals that the Encore can release into the blood have been associated with:

• heart problems
• thyroid dysfunction
• kidney damage
• depression

Such warnings are necessary, but the damage had already been done.

The attorneys at believe that Encore – and its parent company, DJO Orthopedics – were fully aware of the dangers of their product. But they concealed crucial data so they could fast-track the Encore Hip Replacement through FDA approval.

We believe this is negligent, and that the company should be held liable.

The California advantage is based in California. So is DJO Orthopedics, the parent company that manufactures this dangerous, defective hip replacement.

That geographical coincidence gives an advantage in trying cases about the Encore Hip Replacement. We can bring claims against Encore in the California court system. Lawyers who are not licensed in California may not have the knowledge to handle a California lawsuit – they might not even have the license required to do so. has more than 20 years’ experience representing the victims of defective medical products. We’ve tried and won cases involving

• Fen/Phen
• the Guidant defibrillator
• Vioxx
• Medtronic lead wire
• Prempro
• pelvic mesh

Our team is currently handling multiple cases involving DePuy metal-on-metal hip replacements and Stryker metal-on-metal hip replacements.

We advocate for your health
The attorneys at believe that the manufacturer of the Encore Hip Replacement knew full well that its product was dangerous – but they sold it, anyway.

We believe that medical-device corporations are not interested in patients’ health. They’re interested only in their own profits.

That’s why we will always advocate for your health. We’re not afraid to stand up to medical-device corporations or their lawyers. In fact, it’s our job – and our pleasure.

We want to help you obtain a fair and just settlement. Contact us for a free consultation to learn how we can help you.

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