Attorney Assistant: Heidi Haun

Attorney, Case and Client Support: Heidi Haun

Heidi has over 20 years legal experience and has worked with Managing Partner Jeremy Fietz for almost her entire legal career.  In addition to her legal experience she is also certified in Acupuncture and Chinese medicine and brings medical knowledge to each of our cases. 

Heidi collaborates with personal injury lawyers, supervises staff operations, and directs the energy of the claim’s evaluation team to ensure that each case has been well evaluated, reviewed, analyzed and has everything that it needs to qualify for the settlements or trials we expect on the horizon.          

With over 20 years legal experience, Heidi has played a crucial part in the representation of hundreds of individuals who have had their lives disrupted, and in many cases devastated, by the negligence of others.  

She has personally brought well over 500 cases through the claims process and all the way through to settlement for victims and their families. 

Heidi currently works each day reviewing and supervising the claims of clients suffering from serious medical complications as a result of their injuries. 

Heidi prides herself on her ability to help clients better understand what their legal rights are and how we can help them and their families. 

Heidi has always shown a deep commitment to’s mission of helping people against insurance company greed. Heidi is available to speak personally with’s clients, and hep them to understand the process of how claims are managed from start to completion.        

Heidi earned her undergraduate degrees in business and psychology at Sonoma State University and then went on to earn a Master of Science degree in Acupuncture, Integrative Medicine, and the History of Oriental Medicine at AIMC Berkeley. 

Heidi also share’s’s goals of giving back to her community. She has been a long time volunteer providing services to autistic children through Applied Behavior Consultants in-home tutoring programs, and continues to provide counseling and support to those recovering from drug and alcohol addiction as well as hospice care services. During her studies towards earning a license to practice Acupuncture in the state of California, she interned in several low income medical clinics for the under-insured and studied a wide variety of important health care issues. She is well-known in her community for her compassion, knowledge, and care.’s clients are lucky to have Heidi on their side.

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