Covid-19 Nursing home neglect Lawsuit

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Covid-19 Nursing Home Neglect Lawsuit

Nursing Home Wrongful Death Due To Corona Virus (Covid-19)

May 11, 2020
Author: Jeremy Fietz

Did your loved one contract the novel CORONA VIRUS (COVID-19) at a nursing home?    

Our investigations have revealed that some nursing homes may be either too late or too sloppy in their implementation of infectious disease protocols issued by the Department of Health & Human Services, Center for Disease Control.   

See - Nursing Homes Preparedness Checklist  

Very early in the spread of the novel corona virus (Covid-19) in the United States, it was identified that the elderly were at particular risk due to the nature of the virus.  A nursing home in Washington State was the first cluster of contagion in America in February 2020.  The risk to elderly residents of nursing homes was well known from the very beginning and yet some nursing homes did the bare minimum (or less) to protect our loved ones from this deadly virus.   

Actions to protect the nursing home residents should include strict infection controls, disinfection of all equipment between use by residents, disinfection of caregivers between contacts with different residents, strict food preparation and service protocols, limiting unnecessary contact between residents and staff, eliminating unnecessary contacts between residents, eliminating contacts between residents and outsiders, establishing strict disinfection procedures when anyone from outside the facility (including workers) enters the facility.  These are simple common sense practices that, if implemented, may prevent the death of many of our nation’s elderly.   

If your loved one is at a nursing home currently, please help protect them from viruses by asking about the facility’s adherence to the CDC’s guidelines and infection controls.   

If you lost a loved one, please accept our deepest sympathies for your loss.   Losing a loved one is always sad.  When it is preventable it becomes a tragedy.   

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